Airbus, Official Innovation Partner of American Magic, US Challenger for the 2021 America's Cup.


The following guidelines are designed to ensure a coherent – and over the duration of the sponsorship – consistent visual communication of the Airbus activities related to American Magic.

The layouts shown here are following the AMERICAN MAGIC partner branding guidelines which are binding and contractual for all partners of American Magic and should therefore not be changed under any circumstances.

Airbus is a tier 1 “Team Partner” of American Magic and the official designation term is: OFFICIAL INNOVATION PARTNER – which is a fixed term that should not be translated. Sponsor branding guidelines from American Magic can be provided but all applications have to first be validated by Airbus Communications, and by American Magic if necessary.

We trust these guidelines and templates shall efficiently support the best use of Airbus activation rights, along with fruitful results for the brands involved.

Using the partner logo sets

In order to create consistency of language and look/feel when the American Magic logo set is used by Airbus, the Innovation Partner logos must be implemented in either of the two approved formats: Partner Lockup or Master and Staged.

Airbus may use the Innovation Partner logos in communications materials to highlight products or services  in relation to American Magic’s efforts to win the 2021 America’s Cup.

Airbus may also use the statement, “Official Innovation Partner of American Magic” in promotional content, and may also require to include "US Challenger for the 2021 America's Cup" when appropriate, or necessary to clearly define the context of the partnership.

The Airbus brand, product or services must always be the prominent feature of the promotion.

When using footage or photos, the logos of other American Magic sponsors must not be altered or made unrecognizable. No image editing is allowed without written approval from American Magic Communications.

All footage and images must be sourced via American Magic media site (ask your contact person if you need photos or footage) and indicate the proper 'credit', in most cases: © American Magic. All rights reserved.


Partner Lockup format


Master and Staged format

Partner lockup logo

The Partner lockup logo serves as a primary instrument of branding connection between American Magic and Airbus.

The Partner Lockup must be used on promotional content as a central/major element.

The Partner Lockup is typically used on a solid background, but if used over a photo, the photo area used for the implementation must be plain enough and/or have enough contrast so that all elements of the lockup can be easily read.




Master and Staged Logo

The Master and Staged Logo is the second approved layout for Airbus to use.

The American Magic Master and Staged Logo applied on the promotion must be used in the manner of a signature. They cannot be the central point of focus.

The Master and Staged Logo must only be used on a solid background that is either white or black in the manner of a flag.


For dark background


For light background


Bleed right


Bleed left


Find visual or functional similarities to illustrate how Airbus expertise makes the partnership meaningful. 

The Airbus products are always cut out and placed on a dark grey (90% black) background to achieve graphic coherency.

American Magic imagery is placed below and left unchanged.



Invitation banners

The invitation banner uses besides usual Airbus branding the American Magic Master and Staged Logo applied on the left side bleed.



Invitation print

The invitation banner uses besides usual Airbus branding the American Magic Master and Staged Logo applied on the left side bleed.



PowerPoint template

For Powerpoint presentations use the standard Airbus template with apropriate imagery.


Posters and Pull-up banners

Search for visual parallels that express the shared expertise and technology transfer of our innovation partnership with American Magic.