What is Airbus Design System?

Airbus Design System offers a library that matches Airbus brand guidelines and ensure ergonomic universal standards. It provides set of colors, typography, navigation patterns, UI components and data visualization, allows you to quickly build best-in-class products. The single source of truth for product owners, designers, developers.

How does it work?

UI button component from the Airbus Design System
UI button component from the Airbus Design System

Getting started for designers

With the Airbus Design System UI kit you will have access to a library of sketch components and guidelines that will save you time on your projects. Request access to our team to start designing your projects.

Getting started for developers

With Airbus Design System you will have access to the programming language of your choice among several solutions. Request access to our team to start developing your interfaces.


For designers

We changed the way we distribute design assets! From now on, we will send you assets via Sketch Cloud and every time we will release a new version of the Design System, you will be notified by e-mail.

Please do not download the file for your colleagues, otherwise we loose track of our users.

We provide a Sketch Library for Airbus Brand and Skywise Sub-brand.

For developers

Code assets are hosted on our private platform for now, please fill in the form and we will give you instructions & accesses.

We provide different solutions for implementing the Design System in your project. The Tokens and the Stylesheets are consumed by our React and Angular components. You can choose one of the solutions depending on your project’s context and technical constraints.

How to contribute

Airbus Design System is a collaborative piece, contributions are open to all designers and developers who are working on Airbus projects. Also, feel free to warn us about bugs, suggestions or improvements.

Your contribution can be on:
  • Functional bugs
  • Visual or accessibility defects
  • Component improvements
  • Use of the Ui kit

Remember, we want everyone to feel like they should contribute. We believe the System should be built on top of collaboration, so you find confidence in the system you use. Not to mention the Design System grows as the user researches and tests go.


We are aware that using a Design System can sometimes be challenging.

If you have any doubts about component choice, or if you want a fresh look at your mockups, we encourage you to get in touch. Our team can provide support and share valuable examples of projects which have successfully launched.