Quality and legal marking

The quality and legal marking is the ID card of each Airbus Defence and Space product. Therefore, the product marking plays an important role in the branding of Airbus Defence and Space, especially when the product will be delivered or transferred to the customer.

The quality and legal marking includes the legal entity name and/or the logotype and sometimes additional certification or international labels due to international standards.

The material used is a steel/metal plate. The plate can be printed by serigraphy or can be engraved. This product marking is produced and managed by the quality and engineering teams of Airbus Defence and Space.

The goal of the quality and legal marking is to comply with quality and legal requirements and the traceability and conformity of the product.


Product branding

The product branding is the business card of each Airbus Defence and Space product. The goal is to advertise the brand via all products sold to customers.

To guarantee a consistent visual identity, only the official Airbus logotype is allowed. For this purpose, the application of specifically developed logos for products is not permitted.