What do you need to know about Airbus Beyond?

Airbus Beyond has been developing aerospace professionals and organisations for over 30 years, based on hands-on training that stems from actual industry experience.

As the name suggests, the mission is to go further, embrace change and to collaborate with experts to provide industry-leading transformation that’s meant to help people grow in the aerospace field.


The “Beyond” descriptor should be positioned and sized with the Airbus logo as seen below.

Airbus Beyond descriptor typeface, size and positioning

Always use “Beyond” together with the Airbus logo or Airbus written form. Don't use the “Beyond” descriptor by itself.

When writing “Beyond” in a sentence, it is preferably preceded with “Airbus”, e.g. “Airbus Beyond”.

We sound like Airbus Beyond

In line with the general Airbus Tone of Voice, we communicate with a blend of knowledge and optimism.

Our messages should be bold, smart, inspiring and forward-looking. Keeping our language simple and relatable is key, without oversimplifying.

We guide people and organisations beyond their current boundaries, setting new standards for aerospace

Our personality

Airbus Beyond has a distinct personality that shapes all aspects of communication, leaving its mark not only on visuals but also in the written content.

Positive Wise Intelligent Bold

Design elements

Our design shapes

To visually represent our personality, Airbus Beyond uses a set of special design shapes. These shapes can be combined with typography or imagery to emphasize the message.

Four Airbus Beyond design shapes
Our grid

Feel free to position the design shapes anywhere on the page, but follow the spacing grid. 

Don’t forget to maintain a slight distance from the Airbus logo to ensure clarity and visual balance.

You have the flexibility to resize the design shapes keeping the same size for all. However, avoid reducing them below a certain size to maintain their visibility and impact.

Airbus Beyond grid
Combining the design elements

There are four unique design shapes available for Airbus Beyond. 

You have the option to use one or more of them, depending on your preference and the message you want to convey. 

To enhance the visual impact, you can combine these design shapes with either typography or images.

Layout example combining shape and typography
Layout example combining shapes, typography and images
Layout example combining shapes, typography and image

Our colours

Following the Airbus colour palette, Airbus Beyond uses a selection of colours detailed in the image below.

Airbus Beyond colour palette


Our primary objective when using photographs is to capture real moments, whether they depict individuals or groups, in natural settings like offices or classrooms. 

Our aim is to communicate authentic experiences that connect with our audience.

Four pictures showing people in offices


Best practices

Position and size

Two examples how to combine shape, colour and text
Do not
Do not invert or rotate shapes
Exemplary applications
Layout examples display, flyer, bag, lanyard
Layout example presentation
Layout examples social media and website

For more information please contact us.