Definition, positioning and size


Descriptors are used to differentiate our company divisions or market sectors, providing orientation to customers and other stakeholders.

They may be used on communication applications and touch points following our design principles.

Application on official stationery as letterheads, payslips, memos, etc. is only necessary in case of a separate legal entity.

List of divisional and market sector descriptors

No descriptors can ever be used to indicate:

  • Legal Entities (e.g. Airbus Operations SAS)
  • Project names and other initiatives (e.g. Pulse)
  • Geographical Indicators (e.g. Airbus India)
  • Function or department names (e.g. HR, IT, Finance, Procurement)

Positioning and size

The descriptors are not part of the Airbus logo and as such can vary in position.

  • On stationery and web, the descriptor is sized in proportion to the logo size and aligned on the baseline of the Airbus logo whilst respecting the minimum distance to the logo.
  • On editorial print material, the descriptor is positioned in the top part of the title block at a fixed size.

The examples show the placement of the descriptors and demonstrate that they do not influence the layout but work delivering additional information.

Descriptor typeface, size, positioning and in a title block
Descriptor Brochure Commercial
Descriptor visual on line+stand