Organisational differentiation is done with the use of a descriptor. However, the company logo in addition to a descriptor does not make a logo of a division or subsidiary and is not to be used as such.

The descriptor only shows the originator of a document and can vary in its positioning depending on the application.

The advantage of common branding rules is that all parts of the business can profit from an established and widely known brand with a good reputation as well as wide array of existing and maintained design assets which allow flexibility, as well as considerable time and cost gains.

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Typeface, size and positioning of the Constellations Satellites descriptor


The descriptor is applied beside the logo as it is important to make a clear identification of the sender.

Full company name and legal mentions are displayed in the footer.

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Airbus Constellations Satellites business card and letter examples


Lower banner with company branding and descriptor are fixed elements. The cover picture can be adapted to each presentation.

Airbus Constellations Satellites PowerPoint title slide example