The Airspace brand is a product family brand that englobes the Airbus most innovative cabin design features.

Airspace is not a stand alone brand and should always be used in an Airbus context. All materials which bear the Airspace product family brand are to be signed with the Airbus logo following the Airbus branding guidelines.

When using the Airspace brand please keep in mind that Airbus is the company brand and Airspace the product brand as shown here in the brand architecture:

Airspace brand architecture

Logo and naming

When written in a text, Airspace should always be with a capital A.

Colours variants
The Airspace logo only has two colour variants: Black or white.

Exclusion zone
The logo must always have clear space around to maintain impact and legibility. It is important to keep the logo clear of any graphic elements. To regulate this, an exclusion zone equal to the height of the “P” letter exists as illustrated. Nothing should appear within this zone.

Minimum size
The Airspace logo is used in different sizes on a range of applications, ranging from print to on-screen. As it is important to retain logotype quality when applied to each application, we have established a minimum size of 40 mm.

Airspace logo variants, minimum exclusion zone, minimum size



Airspace brochure

PowerPoint / Google Slides template

Airspace Slides presentation


Airspace and Airspace Link Roll-ups


Airspace webpage

Video bumper

Airspace video bumper

A350 Airspace Explorer livery

A350 with Airspace Explorer livery