Our brand powers everything we do at Airbus, because it's the courage and innovative ambition shared by everyone who works here. 
In this resource, you will find an overview to the existing brand knowledge tools. The objective is to fully engage with the Airbus brand in order to gain an in-depth knowledge about what it stands for. 
Select the best format for you to discover the full Airbus brand experience.
Brand Fundamentals infographic

Brand trainings

There are three different types of brand training. Online courses and classroom training for employees, and courses via Google Meet for agencies. All courses are followed by a quiz to assess what has been learned.

Online trainings

Online trainings via myPulse are available for Airbus employees. Once completed you’ll get an online certificate. It is interactive: an on-screen trainer explains the content to you and you can replay elements if needed.

“Why Brands Matter – Module 1” training is recommended to employees interested in the subject of brands in general.

Which example below is not a brand? IBM, Coca Cola, Electric Car, General Electric
Blue sky

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“Why Brands Matter – Module 1” myPulse online training including certification

Classroom trainings

Classroom trainings are also available for Airbus employees. You will learn about the brand in general and do group exercises with colleagues in the Brand Fundamentals training.

In this course, employees will learn about the fundamentals of branding, how to build brand value and reputation, and how to utilise brand to connect with key target audiences. 

Employees will also focus on the Airbus Vision Framework, and how to strengthen, protect and leverage the Airbus brand in their daily activities.

Business meeting room

Are you an Airbus employee? Register here for the Brand Fundamentals training.

Inhouse classroom training

Brand induction trainings

Brand induction trainings for teams or agencies via Google Meet. You will have a slightly modified training module, specifically designed for agency onboarding.

Please contact your brand POC or the brand team.

Brand films

Here you will find a collection of Brand films.

The 'Why our brand matters' film aims to educate employees on basic brand principles, how the Airbus brand was developed and how employees can help build and protect it in their daily jobs. 

As part of the brand education module, the film explains what makes a brand unique, what the benefits of creating a strong brand are and how we all can help to support and build the Airbus brand.

The ‘About the Airbus Brand Centre’ film will guide you through the website, will give you understanding what the Brand Centre is, what you can find on it and will show you how to use the production room (only available for Airbus employees).