Purpose and goals

A showroom is an interactive, experiential area to display the company’s messages, capabilities and products in a clear, attractive way.

Showrooms have a variety of purposes:

  • to inspire stakeholders
  • to communicate the Airbus DNA and brand values
  • to engage, inspire and surprise
  • to showcase the Airbus story
  • to provide opportunities for face-to-face audience interaction
  • to demonstrate our capabilities and product portfolio through user-driven experience
  • to show the bond between the local area, the company and its employees

Showrooms require a substantial investment and continuous maintenance and support. Therefore, please make sure to meet all basic requirements serving your specific business demands.


The connection to the Airbus brand will be enhanced by immersion, interaction and engagement. While it is a must that the experience shall be memorable, the story must also be strong.

Development steps:

  • embed Airbus messages
  • identify and incorporate local messages

Compulsory topics:

  • company history and heritage
  • overview of Airbus products and capabilities (beyond the site itself)
  • innovation (in both content and used media)

Look and feel

The Airbus showrooms must:

  • be in line with the Airbus brand
  • make use of high quality materials and provide a consistent feeling
  • make predominantly use of black and white in combination with the Airbus colours
  • display a dynamic architecture and design relying on flowing shapes

Use logos sparingly as visitors are already in an Airbus environment. However, one large logo should be on display (if necessary by means of projection or on a screen) in a location suitable for taking pictures of VIP-visitors.