Every Airbus sub-identity refers to a specific distinct market sector. Being a part of the Airbus brand architecture, sub-identities support the core brand and help building structure and orientation throughout our market offer.

Sub-identities build on the Airbus corporate identity which is rooted in the Airbus purpose. Yet, in order to build relevant connections with their specific market environment they apply a defined set of bespoke additional brand assets.

Use of Airbus reference in endorsement lines

The corporate design system of Airbus allows affiliates and entities with an ”Orbit-One” stand-alone brand identity to use a reference to Airbus in a strap line used in their respective visual identity system. The use of the Airbus name and logo still falls under the trademark protection of Airbus and the use of the Airbus name shall follow basic rules of the Airbus corporate identity.

For Airbus endorsement lines three important factors are key to be respected:

  • The Airbus name must be written in the font of the strap line but not be displayed as a logo
  • The strap line may not be fixed to the subsidiary’s logo
  • The endorsement must be meaningful and not only express the affiliation to Airbus, e.g. “An Airbus Services Company” or “An Airbus Innovation Centre

The use of the Airbus logo as a part of written content is not permitted anywhere, for reasons of undesirable effects on legibility and visual balance.

Endorsement lines with the reference to Airbus may not be locked up to the affiliate’s logo because Airbus is not considered a sub-set of the entity. If the reference to Airbus is a relevant factor in the entity’s market approach we need to make sure it is placed appropriately, in a legible and visible manner at instances where it matters and supports the context of the communication.

Strap lines locked-up to logos usually end with a neglectible and illegible size which is counter productive for the intended message and also undesirable for Airbus as a brand.

Using the endorsement line as an independent visual device which can be placed according to context gives flexibility and ease of use for all sorts of physical or digital application cases.

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