In our communication and design endeavours, the choice of typefaces plays an important role in conveying a distinct visual identity. We have adopted a thoughtful approach by employing typefaces tailored to specific applications. 

Our diverse use of typefaces respect is crucial to respect in order to be compliant with our licensing agreements.


We use different typefaces for different usages:

Standard usages 

  • Microsoft Office / Google Workspace / Technical publications): Arial 
  • Gmail: San Serif 

Specific usages 

  • Corporate and Marketing Publications /Graphic design (only for print): Helvetica Neue

Web usages

  • Websites/Applications/Mobile apps: Inter 


If you have any doubt of what font to use please contact us:


We set text in lower case with a capital letter only for the sentence start.

Text in capitals are only to be used for short headlines with maximum three terms or where typeface is used as a design element.

We always set text straight, we do not use italic and never set text in curved lines.




Google Workspace, Microsoft Office and technical publications

Arial font weights in regular, bold and black

Sans Serif


Sans Serif font weights in regular and bold

Helvetica Neue

Corporate and marketing print publications / for graphic design experts only


 ! Please be aware that Helvetica Neue is a licensed font. Make sure that if you install it on your device or if you use it for online publication, you have the corresponding licence agreements !


Font weights for text setting:

Font Helvetica 01

These Helvetica neue font weights should not be used for text set, they are only allowed where typography is used as a design element.

Font Helvetica 02

Helvetica neue font weights only to be used for document copyrights, infographics, charts and image captions:

Font Helvetica 03


Web usage (websites, applications, mobile applications)


In our commitment to a seamless and inclusive digital experience, Airbus has chosen the Inter font for all online usages. Inter's is an ideal choice for digital platforms, particularly due to its excellent on-screen readability, legibility and accessibility features. 

Font Inter 01

To download inter font

For GDPR compliance use the font in self hosted integration (no Google API or embed)