All Airbus documents must be produced with a document signature.

The signature must contain following information:

  • Issuer (legal name of the company) of the document and its address
  • The Airbus copyright and trademark mention, including the year of issue
  • The authors of design, photos, 3D renderings & illustrations
  • The Airbus disclaimer
  • If applicable, environmentally-friendly credentials and corresponding logos

Different versions of the document signature are available. Their application depends on the space available on the back cover.

Whenever possible the full version should be applied.

Documents without a back cover, such as posters, do not need to carry the logo in the signature. A single line of text is sufficient.

Colours: Document signatures can be printed in Airbus blue, solid black or solid white.



The full and simplified copyright can be positioned in the right or left bottom corner respecting the margins defined in the layout grids.

The horizontal simplified, vertical and mini copyrights can be placed within the margins.