Airbus provides workwear to employees only for professional needs. Incorporating our company logo and colours into the design of workwear participates in reinforcing the Airbus brand.     

Therefore, we have specific rules governing the application of our logotype on workwear.

Graphic elements application

Logo application:  

• on dark backgrounds, apply a white logo 
• on light backgrounds, apply a blue logo (Pantone 281C) 
• the logotype can be applied with diverse printing techniques or embroidered.  

Logo Sizes:  

• on the front, the logotype sis 70 mm in width 
• on the back, the logotype is 200 mm in width  

Additional Marking: 

• Only to be applied on specified items, when necessary - not mandatory 
• Limit the additional marking to fist name and family name only - Both, first name and family name are written out and set in lower case starting with a capital.
• No function or department name or siglum are allowed

Principle of positioning the graphic elements: 

Note: The principle is shown on a t-shirt only for layout purposes.
The applicability of the different graphic elements is specified for each item.


To simplify the procurement process and reduce costs we have limited the colours as below  

T-shirts, sweat shirts, workwear jacket & trousers : 

Navy blue, white, black, anthracite, dark green, burgundy, medium blue  

Polo shirts: 

Navy blue, white, black, graphite gray  

Business shirts: 

light blue, white, black, anthracite  

Lab coat: 

White, navy blue, light blue 


Specific to t-shirts: No additional marking on the front side


Polo shirts

Specific to polo shirts: No logo marking on the back


Business shirts

Specific to business shirts: Front logo (4,5cm wide) is positioned on collar left side,  no logo marking on the back


Jackets and trousers

Specific to dungaree trousers: Logo is positioned center front, 100mm width  

Specific to Jackets: No additional marking on the front side


Lab coats


High visibility vest

Specific to high visibility vest: No additional marking in the front, additional marking in the back set in Helvetica Neue Bold 150 pt / 37mm height


High visibility jacket

WW--hiviz jacket

Woolen cap

Specific to woolen cap: Logo is positioned center front, 50mm width