The Airbus Foundation is the principal vehicle for Airbus’ corporate philanthropy, committed to bringing together the products and people of our global aerospace company to help address the challenges of today’s society

The Foundation is a separate legal entity, and it prioritises its actions around three strategic areas, developing partnerships with NGOs and associations around the world to deliver its missions:

  1. Humanitarian Aid

  2. Youth Development/Education

  3. Environment

Any action of the Foundation is rooted in the core principles of neutrality, impartiality and operational independence.

Logo lock-up

The logo lock-up is comprised of the Airbus logo and the wordmark ‘Foundation’, built from ‘Helvetica Neue LT Thin’. These elements exist in three fixed relationships to one another.

Sizes and exclusion zone

There are three defined sizes for the logo lock-up. The various sizes can be chosen based on the communication. The distance of the logo lock-up from the edge of an application is also variable.

There is a minimum exclusion zone around the logo lock-up equivalent to the height of the ‘A’ in Airbus.

Three Airbus Foundation logo lock-up sizes

Minimum sizes

The logo lock-up can be used in different sizes on a variety of applications. It is essential that legibility is maintained when a small size is used.

Airbus logo 6 mm minimum height

Flexibility of variants

Three sizes and six colours form the basis of the logo lock-up variants, giving diversity. This gives much greater flexibility within communications, as well as layouts. However, always ensure the chosen combination fits the layout in terms of size and colour.

The logo lock-up comes in two versions:

Positive: The Airbus Foundation logo lock-up is available in different colour variants to ensure maximum layout flexibility and legibility on a variety of backgrounds and applications.

Negative: The Airbus Foundation logo lock-up is available in different colour variants to ensure maximum layout flexibility and legibility on a variety of backgrounds and applications.

Take care when placing the logo lock-up over an image – if the background is too busy this will interfere with its legibility.

Three sizes and six colours forming the logo lock-up variants

Key line

The key line is an additional graphic element, which should be applied to any Airbus Foundation layout, if possible. Using it creates a unified look and feel across our applications.

The angle of the key line determines the axis for the logo lock-up and placement of the other text elements, regardless of the height of the communication. To create a tight and consistent look and feel, the key line should always be applied as shown here.

Key line dimensions

The key line can be reproduced in the four defined highlight colours and should always have the same colour as the carbon grid. If it is suitable for the layout, the key line can also be applied in white.

Four highlight colours for the key line


The photography style should reflect the Airbus Foundation’s philosophy.

Most importantly that is for humanitarian support, as well as educating and inspiring young people through the world of aerospace.

Images do not necessarily have to literally illustrate the topic but can be more representative and symbolic.


Letterhead and business card – measurements

Measurements letterhead

Measurements letterhead

Measurements business card

Measurements business card


Overview stationeries

Layout system

The layout system for all formats of Airbus Foundation communication should consist of the following:

  • Background photography or colour
  • Logo lock-up
  • Key line
  • Carbon grid
  • Headline and optionally additional text elements

The layout structure should always be built as shown below: The logo lock-up is placed at the top of the layout over the key line. Underneath this, is the headline (and additional text elements). Its distance to the key line and its size are variable and depend on the background.

The crop of the carbon grid should be placed on the background in a subtle way to give an elegant colour effect.

Layout examples


Rescue from the air poster
Power through education poster


Brochure example


Rescue from the air and Saving lives in Nepal Roll-ups

Logo sticker

Airbus Foundation sticker on packages in front an A340
Airbus Foundation stickers on packages with teddy bears in front a jetBlue aircraft


PowerPoint title slide

Social media

Airbus Foundation's X account


Airbus Foundation's Facebook account


Airbus Foundation's LinkedIn header