Source of light

  • Well-balanced exposure
  • Indirect light source
  • Reflections generate brilliance
  • Highlights emphazise the product´s shape


  • Heroic product staging
  • Straight perspectives
  • Well-curated compositions
  • Product interaction with background and surroundings

Wide and open

  • Integrating a horizon creates openess
  • Surroundings give context to the products
  • Leave space to the product


  • Dynamic viewpoints and angles, to express movement and uplift of the product
  • Embrace new ideas
  • Stay agile


  • Clear compositions
  • Clearly defined perspectives
  • With stature
  • With ease


  • Reflection emphazises perfect finish aspect
  • Unusual compositions
  • Single details become sculptural

Computer generated images

  • Photorealistic aspect
  • Clean uncluttered background
  • High quality textures
  • well embedded in environment

Colour range

  • Integration of the Brand colours
  • Warm colour palette
Colour range from ground to air to space tones

General mood

  • Overall warm tonality
  • Bright and light flooded
  • Lively and dynamic
  • Close to people and products
Picture examples from ground to air to space tones
Aircraft flying over snowy landscape

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H160 flying over ocean

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