A brand evaluation provides a detailed and insightful analysis of our brand, providing a clear picture of how the Airbus brand is contributing to our business today.

A strategic tool for ongoing brand management, valuation brings together market, brand, competitor, and financial data into a single framework within which the performance of the brand can be assessed, areas for growth identified, and the financial impact of investing in the brand quantified.

Why our brand matters

The 'Why our brand matters' film aims to educate employees on basic brand principles, how the Airbus brand was developed and how employees can help build and protect it in their daily jobs. As part of the brand education module, the film explains what makes a brand unique, what the benefits of creating a strong brand are and how we all can help to support and build the Airbus brand.

Airbus brand evaluation


Following a brand evaluation in 2018, we have run the analysis in 2021 again and identified that the financial value of our Airbus brand has increased by 24% from €9.85 billion to €12.2 billion. Thus, the Airbus brand value represents 14% of the enterprise value and is one of the largest single assets owned by the company.

This healthy evolution of the value clearly shows how resilient our Airbus brand is despite the crisis. This underlines the impact of all Airbus brand efforts.

Strategic brand decisions in new business fields should always leverage the brand equity of the Airbus brand to benefit from its strength and growth potential of the core brand.

The Airbus brand evaluation helps the business and presents the areas where the business needs to improve and put focus on.


Key brand messages

Our brand personality is built on the company purpose: “We pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world.” 

This reflects into three main behavioural territories, our purpose imperatives: 

  • We influence and pioneer 
  • We unite and collaborate 
  • We act with care and respect 

Every interaction people have with Airbus is an opportunity to build our brand. Doing this consistently over time will ensure our brand remains robust and well placed to grow stronger.

Our brand strengthens our business. It connects us to push boundaries, solve problems and unlock opportunities. It is our quest to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world.