The ‘Scale’ name never appears on its own, the Airbus logo or name always accompanies it. You can either place it as an organisational descriptor (see principles here) or ‘Airbus Scale’ may be part of the headline or subline.

When writing ‘Scale’ in a sentence, it is preferrably preceded with the word ‘Airbus’ eg. ‘Airbus Scale’.


Messaging and typography

In addition to the general Airbus Tone of Voice, our messaging has to convey a future-oriented, optimistic disposition.

Please focus on short and bold messages to reflect the confident attitude and the hands-on approach of Airbus Scale. This should also be reflected by only using Helvetica Neue bold for headlines, while Helvetica Neue light is preferred for copy text.

You can also work with single words: stack lower case letters upon each other and flush them left.



The dedicated colour palette for Airbus Scale has dark grey as main colour and additionally a red, a light blue, and yellow as highlight colours. Don‘t use any other colour for Airbus Scale communication.


Design element "Future shapes"

There are three special design elements that can be used for Airbus Scale, the „Future shapes“ – a square, a triangle and a circle. Choose one of them and combine it with typography, imagery or with both to put emphasis on a message or a motif, creating a recognisable look for Airbus Scale.

The Future shapes …
… can be placed everywhere within the format but have to respect the protection zone of the Airbus logo.
… are flexible in sizing, but have to follow the defined minimum sizes.
… may fill the whole format, but may not run into bleed / may not be cut.
… can be stretched or rotated in moving images, but never in static formats.
… can appear with stacked type (lower case only) or single letters (upper case only).


Photographic style

The images show people and technology. You can either use confident but sympathetic and natural portraits or show people interacting with each other or technology. Don‘t hesitate to be proud of what you are working on, showing methodologies or with whom you collaborate.

There is a day and a night mode for the photographic style of Airbus Scale. The day mode apeals bright, fresh and slightly desaturated, while the night mode integrates dark grey as the dominant colour. Both day and night mode should give an overall cool impression, presenting lively scenes, but in clear and organised surroundings.


Especially when combining images and future shapes or images and type, you can cut out elements completely to direct the full attention to them. Or just create overlaps with partial elements of the picture to add more depth to your motif.