The Airbus logo is a carefully crafted brand sign reflecting our common brand identity and is the sole logo that stands for our company.


The logo is always displayed in the bespoke ‘Airbus’ typeface, and the size, colour, position and arrangement of the elements are fixed and defined in our Brand Standards. They may not be altered nor changed in any way.

The logo may only be applied in its entirety; changing it or removing any part of it as well as creating any combination, variation or derivatives of the logo is not permitted.


It is not allowed to create and/or use other corporate brands or logos for any company organizations, initiatives or projects.


The logo is a registered trademark. Its use is restricted to Airbus documents and applications:

print, on-screen, signage, Airbus products and Airbus merchandising products.

Without exception, all other use requires authorisation from the Branding department. Please read also through the Airbus Brand Directive.


Colour Variants

Blue: The blue variant is to be prioritised whenever possible.

Colour specs: R0 G32 B91 / #00205bPantone 281C / C100 M85 Y5 K36Ral 5013

Logo Blue

Black: For greater flexibility, percentages of black are permitted from 90% to 10%

Logo Black

White: For display on dark background

Logo White

Exclusion zone

Our logo must always be surrounded by clear space to maintain its impact and importance.

It is important to keep this zone around the logo clear of any graphic elements or too busy backgrounds , or backgrounds with too much contrast which would make the logo illegible.

Logo Exclusionzone

Minimum size

Logo Minisize

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