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Airbus Tianjin

Airbus Tianjin


Airbus Tianjin is a joint venture between Airbus and a consortium of Tianjin Free Trade Zone (TJFTZ) and China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC).

Unless shown differently here the Airbus Tianjin branding uses the same assets and principles as the Airbus core brand.


The Airbus Tianjin logo is an exception that has a historical and contractual background and can not be used as an example for future joint venture or subsidiary branding.

AirbusTJ Logo


The Airbus Tianjin stationery follows the same layouts than the Airbus stationery. The only difference consists in the logo applied.

Airbus TJ Stationery

Print collateral

The Airbus Tianjin print collateral follows the same layouts than the Airbus print collateral. The only difference consists in the logo applied.

Airbus TJ Print

Building signage

The Airbus Tianjin signage is adaped in proportion to the specific logo dimentions. Colours, materials, fonts and all other specifications are unchanged.

AirbusTJ Signage Ext
AirbusTJ Signage Wayfinding

Vehicle branding

AirbusTJ Signage Vehicles

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