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Airbus BizLab


Definition, size and placement

The BizLab name never appears on its own. The Airbus logo or name always accompanies it. For example, on brochure covers or posters where BizLab is in the headline, the Airbus logo must be present somewhere on the cover or poster. When writing BizLab in a sentence, it is always preceded with the word ‘Airbus’ eg. Airbus BizLab.

When it appears as descriptor, BizLab is always written in Helvetica Neue LT 65 Medium in capitals. When it appears elsewhere, for example, as a word within text, it is written in upper and lower case like this: ‘BizLab’. ie capital ‘B’ and ‘L’.


Airbus Bizlab Descriptor Typeface

Descriptor Size

Airbus Bizlab Descriptor Size

Positioning the descriptor

Airbus Bizlab Descriptor Positioning 1
Airbus Bizlab Descriptor Positioning 1

Writing without logo

Airbus Bizlab Descriptor Writing

Title block transparent on photography

Airbus Bizlab Descriptor Title Block 2

On the website

Airbus Bizlab Descriptor Website

The Tape

The BizLab design toolkit also includes a visual asset called ‘The Tape’.The Tape is a flexible design element that can be used in a variety of ways - static, animated and even as part of the physical  environment.

The Tape should only be used in the BizLab Colour. It should always be applied with a slight transparency of 95% to show the overlaps.

Airbus Bizlab Concept Idea
Airbus Bizlab Tape Visual Asset 1
Airbus Bizlab Tape Visual Asset 2
Airbus Bizlab Tape Visual Asset 3


For the print medium you can use photography with integrated tape, tape on photography and illustration with tape. The illustrations are drawn in a loose, scribbled way. The minimum height of the tape is equal to the height of the Airbus ‘A’ in the logo.




On our website, the Airbus logo, Key line and Bizlab name are positioned as the examples below. On the first section of the homepage, headlines must contain the word ‘BizLab’.


Airbus Bizlab Advertising

BizLab Co-Branding

BizLab will often appear on promotional material featuring other companies from outside Airbus. It must appear with the Airbus logo and Key line. The first letter of BizLab always aligns vertically with the start of the thicker part of the Key line, as per the examples shown.

The Key line is positioned above the partner’s imagery, using the double height of the Airbus ‘A’ as a measure of clear space between the two.

The Tape device should not be used in co-branded material.

Airbus Bizlab Co Branding 1


Airbus Bizlab Co Branding 2


Physical environment

At trade fairs, exhibitions etc., The Tape can be used as a real element to highlight, explain or attract attention. When using The Tape as a physical addition to a space, it should invite participation.







We encourage you to shoot photos of your real working evironment, as the tonality of the Airbus BizLab communication has to be natural and credible. The people must be authentic, human, working, active and dynamic.









Working environment

Where possible, the photography must show people at work, offer unusual perspectives, show teamwork and show open-plan spaces.










Where possible, the photography must show the latest technology, show it in action and feature prototypes.










Where possible, the photography must be playful, look like a snapshot and show something unusual.









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