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One consistent e-mail signature

E-mail is one of the main tools that we use for both internal and external communications and is therefore an important part of the Airbus Corporate identity. Using a consistent e-mail signature helps to project a coherent image of our company. A complete e-mail signature including all contact details is useful, time-saving and convenient to the recipient.


Please do not use any graphics or slogans/quotes in the signature.
On many devices such as smartphones they appear as attachments and make the recipient’s inbox management difficult. Also, besides slowing down the network, we should be conscious that any bit of data sent increases our carbon footprint.

You can translate your e-mail signature into your national language according to the lexicon.


E-mail signature templates

For Airbus employees

E Mail Signature Templates 1

Examples for employees: address presentation

E Mail Signature Templates 2

For trainees

E Mail Signature Templates 3

For subcontractors

E Mail Signature Templates 4

For temporary staff

E Mail Signature Templates 5

Note: Due to different policies applied within the Airbus divisions the mail account for temporary staff may differ by systematically containing additionally “.external” as suffix to the users’ name e.g. firstname.name.external@airbus.com




E Mail Signature Lexicon 1

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