Promotional items

Airbus branded promotional items are commonly offered in business context to build goodwill and show appreciation for commercial relationships.

They reinforce a positive public image of Airbus and can play a key role in the look, feel and culture of a brand. They create awareness while simultaneously increasing brand loyalty. Thefore the quality of the products are key, poor quality creates frustraton and will damage the Airbus brand image.

Products are branded with the Airbus logo and if applicable with additional product names. Please note that customised products for functions, departments, projects or internal events are not allowed.

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If you need to order corporate gifts, please make your request through ordering procurement tool on the Hub.

Any promotional item can be given for the following business purposes:

• Events related to customers and commercial relations

• Airshows, promotions, demonstrations

• Delivery ceremonies

• External corporate communication campaigns

Please make sure to read the Promotional Items Directive (AG.GOV.Dnnn) before placing your order.

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Promotional Items

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