About these principles

These principles provide guidance on how and where to use the PZL brand.

  • To protect and define the Airbus and PZL brands they should never appear together.
  • Activities both under Airbus and the PZL brand are either Airbus or PZL branded (based on business context), but not in both ways.
  • The PZL brand will be used and promoted exclusively in the Polish market.
  • These principles apply with immediate effect for all PZL communications.
  • The PZL brand must only be used by those authorised to do so.

Branding policy with regards to business activities

Pzl Introduction

PZL brand elements


Only use the PZL logos shown below.

  • PZL blue – recommended version
  • PZL black
  • PZL blue negative version
  • PZL black negative version.
Pzl Logos


For all print applications and wherever possible, the font “Helvetica Neue LT” should be used. Please focus on the fonts “Light”, “Roman”, “Medium” and “Bold”. For desktop applications, the Arial typeface should be applied.


Pzl Typeface

Colour palette

Using the PZL colour palette will ensure a consistent visual identity across all materials.


Pzl Colourpalette

Photography style

When choosing a photographic image, please consider the following characteristics:

Clear compositions, clearly defined perspectives, with stature, with ease, overall warm tonality, bright and light flooded, lively and dynamic, close to people and products, dramatic scenery, dynamic viewpoints, agility, hi-tech, natural lighting


Pzl Photographystyle1


Pzl Photographystyle2


Pzl Photographystyle3


Pzl Photographystyle4


PZL touch points

Business card

Separate business cards must be produced for each brand. Airbus and PZL must never appear together on the same card. DO NOT create double sided cards, with one brand per side.

Text elements, typeface, type sizes and spaces are the same for both options.


Pzl Businesscard

Letterhead and press release

Please note that for PZL stationery like letterheads and press releases you can only use the PZL branded items shown here. The Airbus logo cannot appear together with the PZL logo on stationery.


Pzl Stationeries

PowerPoint template

Please note that for PZL PowerPoint templates you can only use the PZL branded version shown here. The Airbus logo cannot appear together with the PZL logo on a PowerPoint template.


Pzl Powerpoint Template

Airbus touch points


Please note that the PZL brand can only be used on stationery, PowerPoint templates and print applications. It cannot be displayed on signage and wayfinding applications. Only door signs, letterboxes and area entrances of shared sites can be PZL branded.

Legacy exhibits of historical value (e.g. PZL Wilga aircraft on PZL facilities) can keep the subbranding.


Pzl Signage


The PZL branding cannot be displayed. However, PZL can be presented as a subbrand of Airbus, but only with written indication on orientation signage and displays of subbranded material at dedicated areas. It cannot be used on the booth itself.


Pzl Exhibition


Pzl Donts

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