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Trade fair stands are an essential tool to represent our company. Therefore it is essential that stands of Airbus and its divisions conform with the brand guidelines and feature following main characteristics:


- Open and transparent architecture linked to the Airbus visual identity

- Strong brand identification generated by Key line contrasting in colour and technical look and feel through Carbon grid

- Clear and reduced

- Bright and pleasant ambiance

- Focus on products and messages

- Integration and unifying character

- Airy and playful

- Combination of emotional flow and geometric simplicity

- Dynamic and modern

- Flexible and modular


When all the elements of our brand toolkit come together, they create a recognisable visual language and consistent brand voice.

Branding principle

The illustrations below shows typical stand elements like a suspending display, pylons, desks and the schematic to brand them.

The Airbus logo should always be placed on top of all other secondary brand elements and stay uncluttered to allow best visibility.

Displaying several divisions / market sectors

The division areas are highlighted on pylons while using the Key line with the descriptor.

Please follow the spacing and height proportions as shown.

Stand Airbus

Displaying a single division / market sector

The division or market sector descriptor is displayed with the keyline.

Please follow the spacing and height proportions as shown.

Stand Division
Stand China

Download the stand branding principles

Stand sizes

Stand sizes vary following the importance of the event we attend to.

The examples below describe typical sizes and their composition.

Stand S
Stand M A
Stand M Ds
Stand M Ds2
Stand L

Typical design features

The Key-line

- Its  colour can be chosen from the main brand colours, from the highlight colour palette or be in the special colour matt silver.

- Colour used for the Key-line, pedestals, exhibit labels, infographics and the Carbon grid visual should be harmonized overall the stand

- The thickening/thinning transition segment on the Key line should be used 2 to 3 times on the building structure and can be consciously used as a design element

- The thickness of the Key line varies depending on the height of the facade.

Stand Keyline

The Carbon grid is a basic graphic element, which can be applied to any Airbus layout and enables a unified look and feel.

To give the Carbon grid more depth and an elegant note, a colour or a gradient with coloured shades as well as a reduced opacity can be applied, as shown in the examples.

The Carbon grid can be combined with the defined rasterized product visuals, which can be applied in colour or gradient variations.

Stand Carbongrid

The big picture should consist of one single product or a small group of products and should be illustrated in a striking way accompanied by a clear message.

High quality, modern, special perspectives, natural lighting and harmonious colour schemes should be considered for the choice of a picture.

Stand Picture

Display labels and totems

Display labels and totems for static display of our products should follow the below harmonized look and feel.

Product logos are not used, the product names are written in Helvetica Neue bold instead.

The colour sheme can be adapted following the colours used on the stand.

Stand Labels

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