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Colours are the heart of Horizon Design System. It is important to respect the brand colour guidelines to which your app depends on.


Primary Palette

Colours Airbus Primary Palette@2x

Secondary Palette

Colours Airbus Secondary Palette@2x

Primary Palette

Each brand has his own primary palette and you must respect the colors in order to maintain unity among the apps. The primary palette uses bright colors to convey a bold and recognizable identity for the brand. It is used logically throughout the departments to improve perceived affordance across complex applications and dashboards. 


UI Palette

You can also use a selection of UI colors to enrich your mockups or use it for specific features. This palette may be found in all brands and applications. The main UI colors are used for action buttons, alert messages, and form elements. Input fields, for example, may contain positive and negative feedback, whereas alert messages may provide feedback or warnings.


Correct Uses

This example helps you create a consistent experience across the brand’s departments. Use colors in meaningful ways in all your products. The use of color is complex. Please stick to the basics: use colors in meaningful way, or to inform, or to highlight what people should see.

Colours Usage@2x

Incorrect Uses

Changing the brand’s defined colors.

Using low contrasts.

Using vibrant colors as a background.

Using random colors for text links.

Using a link color for non-linked elements.

Using cool colors for warnings.

Using random colors for elements.

Using colors with low saturation for important elements.

Colours Usage Incorrect@2x
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