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App icon

An app icon quickly expresses what features the app is offering, what is the app essence.


The app icon helps to find the app on the store and also on the home screen after installation.

An app icon is not a logo, it is a visual expression of products, services, and tools provided by Airbus.


Application icons are defined as shown here. There are two types of app icons:

1. With pictogram and the Airbus logo

2. With text and the Airbus logo

App icon

To ensure coherence, the background embrace the primary blue. The illustration or text inserted on top of the background always appears in white. The text has to be written in Helvetica Neue Bold in caps. The lower part of the icon consists of a white stripe and the Airbus logo in primary blue. The shape of the app icons are native and specific to each mobile OS.

App icon

App icon creation process on Sketch.

Using Sketch as a library allows you to easily drag and drop the app icon symbol from the list of symbols. This element can be found inside “03 Logos / 02 App icon”.

App icon

Then detach from symbol. Replace the folder called « Replace me » by your pictogram or text.

Make sure to respect the safe area represented by the dash rectangle.

Please remind that all graphical elements should be vectors, because they can be exported at any size.


Simplicity is key when it comes to designing a pictogram. Plus, keep in mind the pictogram will be small, test your designs.

Design assets

We provide a Sketch file (official but temporary) + JPG + PDF + SVG.

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