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Visual guidelines

Enhance the content with visual consistency and guide users to their destination.


Our visual guidelines are defined by a set of primary elements: Colours, Typography, Icons, Spaces, 8px Grid, Accessibility (AA). Using these rules will partially guarantee a good implementation of the Design System. Follow the above guidelines to help you creating great User eXperiences:

  • Make your content readable with a visual path. Some elements are more important than others, it should be reflected in the content hierarchy. You can use contrasts and different sizes to guide the user through his task.
  • Use white space to reduce cognitive workload and to highlight the content of your page by improving the readability.
  • Keep it simple. It's not necessary to fill the white spaces with pictures in the background, it will distract the user and it will not reflect the core values of our brand. Our applications are primarily made to improve the productivity of our users, white backgrounds are totally fine.



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