For designers

We changed the way we distribute design assets! From now on, we’ll send you assets via Sketch Cloud and every time we’ll release a new version of the Design System, you’ll be notified by email.

Please do not download the file for your colleagues, otherwise we loose track of our users.

We provide a Sketch Library for Airbus Brand and Skywise Sub-brand.

For developers

Code assets are hosted on our private platform for now, please fill in the form and we will give you instructions & accesses.

We provide different solutions for implementing the Design System in your project. The Tokens and the Stylesheets are consumed by our React and Angular components. You can choose one of the solutions depending on your project’s context and technical constraints.

Request for*

  • Development Kit
  • Design Kit (Airbus)
  • Design Kit (Skywise)
  • Wireframe Kit
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