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Questions about the UI kit

I can’t find complex Ui components


I looked for some components in the guide, and there aren't. Anyone have card news, the structure of a vertical menu and how a news detail page is displayed (summary, paragraphs, lists...)? If there aren't, I worked on a few purposes for reviewing.


Regarding the available components, the aim of a Ui kit is not to provide you complex patterns like an entire news page. We provide small components you can use in order to build complex UIs. Basically, we provide lego bricks to children so they can use their imagination and skills to build complex structures.

Inconsistent visual style between Ui kit and documentation


I have a legacy design, and I find inconsistencies with the guide (colors), and between the screens designed in relation with distances (I don't know if there are standards in page structures)


To what do you refer when you say “the guide”? I assume it is the website

If yes, it’s normal, you might be using the old UI kit (V0.5.0) and the documentation on the Brand Centre is referring to the latest one (V1.0.0).

Questions about the migration to Alpha V1

What about 0.5.0, will it still be available for existing projects?

For designers

For the UI Kit we will keep the 0.5.0 for Airbus: and Skywise: in Sketch Cloud during 1 year.

You will have the time to decide if you want to migrate or not. After this period we will remove both old UI Kit and maintain a single set of UI Kits for

Request access to the latest version:

For developers

For the DevKit we will keep the 0.6.0 releases in artifactory without deadline.

The styleguide legacy documentation has to stay available for 1 year also.

How do we migrate to the new system?

For designers

We identify 2 different cases: New Projects and Legacy Projects.

New Projects

If you start a new project we recommend you to start creating mockups with the latest UI Kit.

Legacy Projects

If you are already working on a project with the 0.5.0 Kit, we recommend you to check with your team the amount of effort needed to migrate to the new system. 

If you are not sure or if you have any questions regarding the migration, you can simply contact us and we will accompany you through this journey.

For developers

We identify 4 different cases: React Projects, New Projects, Angular Projects and Legacy Projects.

Existing projects using our React components (v0.6)

We recommend you to defer migration until all the needed components are available. We try to prioritize the components people are already using, do not hesitate to tell us what you are using. We put a lot of effort on retro-compatibility for our react components.

New Projects

You can start directly with the latest version of the System, by following our getting started guides for React or Angular.

Existing Angular Projects

Feel free to integrate our Angular components incrementally

Legacy Projects

For projects using other javascript frameworks or libraries (ex: VueJS), you can still use our Stylesheets or Design tokens

You can contact the design system team if you need advice or recommendations :

I launched a design activity and the agency made all the design with the old UI Kit. Should I remake everything?

For designers

If the mockups have been delivered, we don't recommend you to relaunch an RFP asking the redesign of all the screens.

For developers

You can start with the latest version of the code (up to date design). Be aware that the look will be different between the mockups and the code.

I made all my mockups with the 0.5.0 UI Kit, what should I do? Should I redesign all my application?

For designers

We recommend you to use the latest version of the UI kit. If the amount of effort is too high to redesign all mockups, you can contact us.

But for the future improvements or feature development you can start designing the main page and the primary components with the latest UI kit.

For developers

We advise you to always start with the latest stable release of the DevKit, even if the designs have been made with the legacy version (Ui kit V0.5).

For any questions, contact the design system team through Slack (channel #major_release_hotline).

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