Design principles

These principles express our design philosophy behind the product and service we are building for our community of experts applying the Airbus brand in their work.


We understand before solving

Designing great experiences always comes from a deep understanding of the context and the constraints around it. Airbus Design System is based on real use cases experimented on real projects.Your contribution is the foundation basis  for every component, tool or technology that we provide. This way we better understand the need behind each decision.


We make it clear and obvious

Adopting the system is a big step for projects. We want to make sure that everything is easily accessible and transparent through a visible roadmap, a public backlog, a component status checklist and examples of interfaces using the system.



We make it easy to learn and master

Using a large library of design assets or manipulating a large number of javascript components can be challenging in many ways. We are convinced that we can have a big impact on your productivity. Our solution can and should be used by junior and experienced profiles.




We are building services

Answering users' needs is key to create valuable services. The team behind the system is aware that providing assets is not enough, accompanying people through the adoption phase and through design reviews is key to ensure that the system is answering needs correctly.




We thrive on feedback

We based each decision, from product vision down to features based on your requests and pain points experienced on your projects. We send surveys each quarter. Do not hesitate to request new things or report issues.



We are distinctively Airbus

We are the only official digital expression of the Airbus brand.


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