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Contribution guidelines

Contributions for the Design System are open to all Designers who are working on Airbus projects.

1. New component request or component improvement

- Name of the component that the contributor wants to change, or proposition of a name for a new component.

- Explanation of why the contributor wants the change and thinks it's necessary.

- The research supporting the proposed change (benchmark, articles, ergonomic study, user testing…).

- Designed component (Sketch). Declinaison on all sizes are welcome :-) (XS,S,M,L,XL -  Standard, Hover etc.)

- Screenshot or mockup of the proposed design with a context of use.

- Names of the contributing designer(s) working on this contribution.

- Send the sketch file to


2. Reviews

Review of all the contributions once every 2 weeks. If your contribution is approved, we will implement it in the Sketch Library on the next releases. If your contribution is not approved, you will receive an email explaining why. We may ask for additional changes.


3. Heavy requests

If you want to submit a large quantity of new components, please send us an email at and we will plan a meeting. 

Contribution Guidelines
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