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Tooltips allow you to briefly provide some information about an interface element.


Use the Tooltip to provide more information (e.g.: give more details about data in a visual, show all of a truncated text, etc.) or to explain an element’s function (e.g.: the function of an icon or a button, etc.).


Best practices

- Use the tooltip for brief and concise information that provides complementary information. 

- If the information is totally essential for the user’s choice, opt to show it directly in the interface.

- The tooltip should not contain text.

- Choose a modal when the content is too important or requires a complementary action.

- Opt to show the Tooltip below the target element.

- Adapt the opening of the tooltip in relation to the position of the element within the interface.

- The tooltip generally appears when an element is clicked (for desktop versions) or a tapped (for mobile versions).



The Tooltip superimposes itself on the screen. In relation to the position of the element within the interface, it may open from the bottom, the top, the left or the right. 


The arrow that links the tooltip to the element must be located at the same level as the target element.



The tooltip has no minimum size. His size depends of its content : the text. 



The tooltip must be always placed below the icon. It opens after the click on the icon. 

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