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Search is a combination of input fields allowing to find information in a web site.


Best practices

- Search is always associated to a search icon (magnifying glass)

- Search list must be displayed always down of the component

- A cross allow to cancel a research when the search is filled

Search can be associated to others components, for example, it can be linked to the data table in order to filter data.



The search element is a text field with a left icon (a magnifying glass).



The search element exhibits the same states as a text field: active, hover, focus and inactive.




An autocomplete feature may be incorporated as well. Suggesting the most pertinent word is automatically added to the search (displayed in the form of a selection with a dominant primary color). In addition, a more exhaustive list is proposed in a Field Expand.

Enriched Search

An enriched search is a list of enhanced search suggestions. It is also possible to include additional information about search elements, such as their nature (represented by an icon).

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