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Rating is an element that allows the selection and display of a qualitative value in visual form.


Use rating tool to allow user to enter an exclusive value within an increasing graduated scale.

The display takes the shape of the conventional star rating scale: filled to show the selected or attained values, empty (or outlined) to show values that can still be selected or are not yet attained. This element is more appropriate for allowing the user to make a quick selection in relation to the minimum and maximum options proposed.


Best practices

* A rating is usually composed of a range of one to five stars.

* No star selected corresponds to a value of zero, with five stars being the maximum rating.

* When the element is used to enter a value, this usage must be clearly indicated (by inviting the user to vote or to estimate the quality of a service or a product, for example)

* Furthermore, still in situations of entering data, the affordance of the element will be increased if the user’s choice appears in real time during a mouseover.



When displaying a value, the rating element is essentially used for write-ups that evaluate an experience (giving opinions about products or services, associated with a comment, etc.)

In situations where the user chooses data, the rating element is often used in forms or modals.



The color of the element should be chosen from among the primary or UI colors. The selected color should be used for all the occurrences of the element (selection and display)



The rating stars have two states: selected and unselected

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