Radio Button

Radio button enables users to select one option at a time.

General guidelines

Use the radio button to offer the choice of only one option in the list. Radio buttons in the same group are dependent upon each other. Activating one, deactivates the others.

Radio buttons are mainly used in forms, filter panels, modals and in tables.



Best practices


Use the radio button to offer the choice of only one option in the list.


Never compel the user to choose an option he does not want.


Prefer the toggle if there is only one option, or an on/off mode of the same value.


Use a radio button for choices that are frequent and low in number (from 2 to 4 options). Before any user action, all radio buttons should be unselected.


Avoid setting a default option. You may do it if in specific context of use (e.g. when you already know the answer or can predict it). Know that you will influence their choice.

Visual guidelines


Selection controls have 8 states: Unselected, selected, hover unselected, hover selected, focus unselected, focus selected, disable unselected and disable selected.

Responsive behaviours
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Component overview

Component overview

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