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A modal is a card that is superimposed on the screen, and enables you to provide contextual information, or to request a supplementary action.


Modals should be used to request specific information that is critical to continue a process. It's also usefull if you need to fragment a complex workflow into simplet steps. 

The modal should be always displayed on top of every other components, you can use a darken overlay to make it more visible and give the impression to the user that he has to interact with the modal before doing something else.

Modal 1
Modal 2


Modals are made up of a compulsory group of atomic elements: a title, an icon for quitting, a primary action button, and a secondary quit button. The modal always opens with a background that has an opacity.



Modals may vary according to need and context, by using a number of elements, such as text inputs, links, buttons, steppers, texts, etc. For more detailed information on the construction of these atomic elements, please consult the corresponding pages.

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