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Airbus Purpose

Airbus Purpose

Today, global businesses are not only judged on what they make, but also on the role and impact they have on people’s lives and the world. There has been a strategic shift from “what we have” and “what we do” to “why we exist”.

Companies are nowadays increasingly valued for the greater purpose they serve in the world, what they make happen for people in their lives. Stakeholders increasingly make their judgements on a rational and emotional basis. Purpose is becoming more and more important.

This trend penetrates beyond external reputation to the core of business performance. Overwhelming evidence shows businesses with a strong and compelling purpose galvanise their employees and drive value creation. It helps them adapt, change and grow more effectively.

Airbus is a pioneer in aerospace, designing, manufacturing and delivering services and solutions to customers worldwide. That is what we do - but it does not explain why we do it or what our pioneering work delivers to society. That is why, alongside our new values, we have been working on our Purpose – the Airbus Purpose:


‘Applying our passion for aerospace to create a better connected, safer and more prosperous world.’

How does the Purpose framework work?

Purpose Framework BasicModel Grafik.

Our Purpose framework connects our brand, culture and business ambition to help people align communications at corporate, divisional and programme levels more strongly. It can act as a source of inspiration to create more compelling stories and implement our communications strategy.

The left hand side of the framework includes Our Values and Behaviour. These components describe our culture and the way we do things. They are more emotional in nature.

The right hand side of the framework includes Our Ambition and Strategy. These components describe our business goals and where we concentrate our efforts. They are more operational in nature. Our Position and Priorities sit above and below Our Purpose, respectively.

Together, these three components serve as the backbone of the framework, influencing both the left and right sides. Whilst there are several components in this framework, remember that each component has a distinct role and that all the components work together to support one company, one brand, ‘One Airbus.’ 

For example, a Priority must help us along the path towards Our Ambition, whilst enabling us to fulfil Our Purpose. Similarly, a key business task required to deliver Our Strategy should be undertaken with due consideration of Our Values and Behaviour that define the Airbus culture. A brand valuation does provide a detailed and insightful analysis of our brand, providing a clear picture of how the Airbus brand is contributing to our business today.

A strategic tool for ongoing brand management; valuation brings together market, brand, competitor, and financial data into a single framework within which the performance of the brand can be assessed, areas for growth identified, and the financial impact of investing in the brand quantified.

The components of the Purpose framework in detail

Purpose Framework Purpose

Our Purpose emphasises why we exist and the bigger role we play in the world. It is expressed as a benefit to customers or stakeholders that they really value. Our Purpose defined is ‘to apply our passion for aerospace to create a better connected, safer and more prosperous world.’

Purpose Framework Position

Our Position encapsulates what we do and what we stand for. This is about having the energy and vision to turn ideas into action. It is about innovation and success. Our Position is defined as ‘we make it fly.’ 

Purpose Framework Values

Our Values represent core beliefs in action, and drive behaviour, so that we deliver Our Purpose and Ambition. Employees around the world have come together to define our 6 values: We are One / Team Work! / Customer Focus/ Reliability/ Respect/ Creativity/ Integrity 

Purpose Framework Bahaviour

Our Behaviour is most relevant for employees in their day-to-day jobs, as this is how we expect people to act in line with Our Values. These can be measured and rewarded.

For example, to behave with integrity, employees should always act ethically and speak up early when aware of any non-compliant issues. 

Purpose Framework Ambition

Our Ambition describes what success looks like in terms of numbers and relationships. This must be measurable.

Our Ambition is defined as ‘responsibly create long term value for everyone involved with and served by Airbus, whilst continuously strengthening our leadership, profitability and trust.’ 

Purpose Framework Strategy

Our Strategy focuses our thinking and resources, so that we can achieve Our Ambition.

These are currently defined as the 3 I’s: Integration, Innovation, and Internationalisation.

Purpose Framework Priorities

Our Priorities are most relevant for employees in their day-to-day jobs, as these describe specific tasks that will enable us to deliver against Our Strategy at a divisional level.

For example, to deliver on our commitments in Commercial Aircraft, a key priority is to achieve industrial ramp-up on the A320 family and A350 XWB.

Only for Airbus employees: Do you want to find out more about the Airbus Purpose framework and other brand related topic? If yes, you can watch the rich media video which is also available on myPulse where you also receive a certificate. 

For more insight information how to use and apply the Purpose Framework, you can download the Airbus Purpose Framework Communication Guidelines.  Furthermore, a common look and feel to visualise the Purpose Framework has been developed in the `Messaging and Design Guideline´. The guideline gives direction for the graphical implementation. 


  • Airbus Purpose Framework Communication Guidelines

    Airbus Purpose Framework Communication Guidelines

    The Communications guidelines shall give direction and Inspiration to the Communication department when you work with our Purpose Framework. Download File 0.77 MB
  • Airbus Purpose Framework Messaging and Design Guideline

    Airbus Purpose Framework Messaging and Design Guideline

    The framework has been visualised to represent a truly global company unified by a shared purpose. Our Purpose connects to different components, each with a distinct role and visualised circular motif. Download File 2.34 MB

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