Introduction: Commitment & Empowerment

What is Skytra?

Skytra is the first and so far only trading venue that trades yield derivates in air travel.

Skytra is committed to the air travel industry and aims to become one of its key players. It is empowered by industry collaboration and it is constitutive for Skytra that it is a shared platform for the air travel industry that serves an industry rather than a company.

Skytra empowers industry players to succeed in times of dynamic change and of high volatility in air travel prices. They profit from the efficiency of a unified industry platform that allows them to maximize gains and benefit from greater stability. It makes stakeholfers feel proud to be part of the air travel alliance that changes the game and empowers them to fully exploit the opportunities that Skytra provides.

Skytra within the Airbus company

As a 100% Airbus subsidiary, Skytra will be endorsed by Airbus at least during the launch period (mid 2019). Nonetheless, it will always be a standalone entity that consistently appears as a separate brand.

Target groups

How Skytra is set up: Benefiting the air travel industry


Brand feel

What Skytra transmits: Semiotic terrain


Visual concept: »United dynamics«

What Skytra looks like

Skytra brings together all players of the aerospace industry – and empowers them to collaboratively move the industry forward.

It combines brand attributes such as collaborativeproudly committedmutual and synergetic, with ingenuity and innovativeness.

The brand also reflects an agile and dynamic character that is modern, yet simple and efficient.

Logo: Composition of our word mark

An uprising line, »the Slash«, is embedded within the letters. This reflects the brand’s dynamic character as well as the unified objective of all stakeholders working towards the same direction.


Logo colours

  • The dynamic green logo can be used against white or solid blue backgrounds.
  • The solid blue logo can be used against white or dyna-mic green backgrounds.
  • The white logo can be used on both background colours.
  • ! The black logo file will only be used for single colour printing in black !

Logo sizes and positioning

Protection zone

  • A clear area all around the word mark must be respected: no graphic elements or typography must be placed here.
  • The protection zone equals the cap height x of the letters, only the Slash appears within this area.

Minimum size

  • Wherever the logo height is 18 px / 6,35 mm or less, the optimised logo size S must be used.
  • ! The logo must never be used smaller than 8 px / 2,8 mm !

Sizing and positioning

  • For common formats, the logo height equals short format side ÷ 22
  • The logo may be placed in all four corners of the format. It never appears centred. 

Corporate colours: Our colour scheme


Corporate type

Akkurat font family

The corporate type Akkurat must be used consis-tently across all communications. Publications belonging to the same series should
always follow the same principles.

Only for correspondence, i.e. PowerPoint presentations or as body copy in letters, Arial can be used.

General type settings

  • all text must be left aligned and ragged right
  • use the short hyphen for bullet points
  • do not use italic fonts
  • only use charcoal, white and dynamic green for text; avoid solid blue for typography
  • you can use a   //  double slash to structure content

Typography specifications


Akkurat bold, line spacing 120%, mixed case letters


Akkurat bold, line spacing 120%, mixed case letters

Copy text

Akkurat Regular or Light, line spacing 120%, mixed case letters

Emphasise within copy

Akkurat bold, capital letters in the same type weight, use the same or the contrary corporate colour, underlining is not allowed


Font sizing

You can use the font sizes from the table below or, if needed, work with flexible sizes. When doing so, please respect the proportions between copy text, Headlines and sublines:

  1. Define an appropriate size for copy text (a), according to use case (online / print)
  2. The headline size (b) represents at least three times the height of the body copy ( a x 3 = b )
  3. Sublines are at least a third or maximal half of the headline’s cap height

Skytra in writing and endorsement

Brand name

Whenever Skytra appears in writing, it has to be set in mixed case letter with a capital S.



Our endorsement can appear within a teaser or a copy text to communicate what Skytra is. Sometimes it’s beneficial to leverage our new brand by creating a link to the well-known and trusted Airbus brand. As it is a common wording it must not be changed.


Visual element

Our graphic design element

Synergetic pattern

This corporate design element reflects what Skytra does, as well as why and how people interact with the brand.

It consists of multiple variations of the Slash that come together in an agile and collaborative way.

The Synergetic pattern is used as main imagery, i.e. for header images or covers.


How to use the Synergetic pattern

Versions and templates

There are three solid blue and three dynamic green versions of the Synergetic pattern, while the solid blue pattern is considered as main version.

These templates are ready to use and must not be changed in any way.

Treatment: solid blue version

The epicentre of the main version always should be visible whenever possible. You’re free to use diffe-rent cut-outs and scalings. It has to show at least 15 rows of slashes into each direction, the minimum line width is 0,4 pt.

Treatment: dynamic green version

The dynamic green pattern should be used for smaller areas or overall be less present than the main version in solid blue within one publication. If it correlates with the main version, make sure that the patterns match each other and respect the minimum line width of 0,4 pt.


Main version of the Synergetic pattern: solid blue background and dynamic green lines

Placement of elements

Always create a clear area for typography or graphical elements on top of the pattern: Place a box that’s matching the pattern’s background colour and make sure not to cut the lines.

The margins inside the box equal at least the cap height of the headline. These margins apply to copy text as well.

Never place typography or any other element directly on top of the Synergetic pattern.


Clear area and how to place text on top of the Synergetic pattern


If the pattern is animated, the lines always move into the direction of its epicentre.


Please do not cut the lines, always ensure proper margins.

The grid must not be rotated 90°.

Typography must never be placed directly against the pattern.

Interaction with photography

Of course, you can use photography within your communication, but please consider it as secondary imagery appearing i.e. on inside pages or within subcategories.

The pattern may not be composed with photo-graphy in any way. As a key identi-fier for the Skytra brand it always has to stand out on an overarching level.




Letterhead and business cards

Only use the available templates to ensure a professional look for correspondence:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Memo


Using the available PowerPoint and Google Slides templates will support efficient and persuasive presentations.


Digital media

Corporate website: Concept, Screen mood


Mobile App: Concept, Screen mood