It is key that Airbus audio visual productions are identified as such by our audience. To make sure this is the case branding and graphics applied to audio visual productions need to be overall coherent.

This consists of movie openers, endings as well as text animations, captions and subtitles. Only the use of the ending is mandatory. The opener can be used additionally.

Openers and endings can be created from existing Adobe After Effects templates.

There are two versions for each Division:

1. Generic

If you cannot embed footage in opener / ending, the following templates should be used:

Opener generic / ending generic

Generic openers and endings are typically used for:

  • News
  •  Interviews
  •  Illustrative animations

2. With footage

If there is suitable cinematic footage (le.g. landscapes, product shots,…) for embedding in the opener/ending, the following templates should be used:

Opener with footage / ending with footage

Openers and endings with footage are typically used for:

  • Image movies
  • Event movies
  • Documentaries

For simple usage, precast opener and ending templates can be used: precast files with Alpha-Channel

Designation of templates

The designation of the templates follows systematic principles:

Designation system:


Shortcuts Divisions:


Overview media files


Generic opener and title

Showing a title is optional, but when doing so it has to be created with the existing After Effects templates. Openers with titles are identical for all Divisions.

There is flexibility in the styling approach to the titles. Four examples are shown here.

  • Key line has fixed horizontal position and size.
  • Key line has variable vertical position.
  • Type may only be Helvetica Neue LT.
  • Type may vary in size and weight.
  • Type colour may only be white or Airbus blue.
  • Distance between Key line and type is fixed.

Opener with footage

Films that are more image relevant may start with a more sophisticated intro where the logo reflects the footage before it fades and the actual content begins.

This approach can be used for all Divisions and can be created with existing After Effects templates.


Generic ending

It is mandatory to use one of the defined endings. You can choose either the generic version or one with footage.

These endings are identical for all Divisions. They can be created with existing After Effects templates.


Application precast video files

Precast endings (with Alpha Channel) can be integrated directly into the editing programs.


Lower third, captions and subtitles


Lower third



  • Colour panel 50% opacity (for better legibility it is possible to adjust the opacity of the coloured background)
  • Only one colour should be used (from main or highlight palette)
  • Panel goes to bleed on either left or right side
  • Only use Helvetica Neue
  • Variable type size
  • Variable type weight

The application of captions is identical for all kinds of films. They can be created with existing Illustrator and Photoshop templates.



The application of subtitles is identical for all kinds of films. They can be created with existing Illustrator and Photoshop templates.


Corner bug

Optional branding

Films that are not displayed within an Airbus context should be complemented with a corner bug.

Exclusion zone

Our logo must always be surrounded by clear space.

To regulate this, we have defined an exclusion zone equal to the size of the Airbus “A” around the logo as illustrated. It is important to keep this zone around the logo clear of any graphic elements.


The size of the logo depends on the height of the screen. The height of the logo is always 1 / 18 the height of the screen.


There are two colour options: the white corner bug (60% opacity) should be used for coloured and dark images, the black corner bug (15% black) is used for very bright or white background images.


The Airbus logo watermark should appear throughout in the top right hand corner of the screen as indicated. It should mix on after the opening titles have finished and fade off before any closing title sequence begins. If there is no closing title sequence, the watermark logo should match the end picture edit (i.e. cut or fade).