Compliance and Behaviour

“The foundation for integrity at Airbus is our Code of Conduct (CoC). The Code is intended to guide daily behaviour and help employees resolve the most common ethical and compliance issues that they may encounter. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees, officers and directors of Airbus as well as entities that we control. Third party stakeholders whom we engage are also expected to adhere to Airbus Code of Conduct in the course of performing work on our behalf.”

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Event Directive A1438 (Governance Support Document for Event Directive)

“Due to the complexity of events, which can range from smallest events with few participants to compound gatherings of thousands of people, there is a strong need to clarify the roles and responsibilities of those who have to implement events, visits and conferences. The official Airbus Company Directive A 1438 – Requirements for Events and Visits organization serves as a framework by explaining the prerequisites that are crucial for organizing events and visits. It is applicable to all Airbus employees, including all Airbus subsidiaries”

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