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At Airbus, we aim to attract, develop and retain a world-class workforce; a workforce that is aligned with our purpose and that helps us to achieve our ambition and our business goals. We believe that it is important to build an employer brand that aligns our people and helps us to attract the right talent.

Creating impact is a key driver to become an employer of choice and to engage our people. Impact enables identification and effects motivation; therefore, we have put this concept at the heart of our employer brand – we have defined the core of our Employer Value Proposition as “Meaningful impact”.

EVP Statement: At Airbus we draw on each other’s expertise and experience and put all our passion and determination to exploring sustainable aerospace. We connect the best minds. We make bold decisions. We find smart solutions. We get the world’s most advanced technologies off the ground. For a safe and united world.

We have developed a creative concept that brings our EVP and its essence of “Meaningful impact” to life, with the objective to create alignment, and engage and inspire people internally and externally – our existing colleagues and new talent.

This page describes the design concept of our employer brand.

Meaningful impact – central idea and visual story

People working at Airbus find solutions and answers – they complete tasks everyday. The design element “Blank space” is an invitation for those who are ready to take up the challenge. It’s demanding initiative, creativity and curiousity, encouraging Airbus employees to share their ideas and to find solutions. It enables them to have a meaningful impact.


  • use only in headlines
  • only highlight a maximum of two words which logically fit together
  • use only one blank space
  • the highlighted term is mostly a verb or adjective
  • please consider for your messaging the concept of the meaningful impact



This collective ambition enables Airbus to make things happen that seem to be impossible. Challenging mankind’s dream of flying puts its employees into unusual situations and fascinating work environments.


How to use the Blank space

The Blank space brings to life the concept of “Meaningful impact”, not only for Airbus as a company but also for teams and individual Airbus employees. The Blank space is used to feature this impact which can be utilised in various ways within communication. The Blank space represents meaningful impact, so it should not be used randomly or as a tool to highlight generic content

191010 AB EVP DosDonts
Design element Blank space

The Blank space asks for people’s personal impact – therefore it refers to a classic “fill in form”. Depending on message and touchpoint, the Blank space may be just empty or get filled with typography in Airbus highlight colours, personal signatures, or much more.


Blank space dimensions and text alignment

It’s always white and always part of a headline – it should never appear in body text. The surrounding type and the type within the Blank space can be of different weights, but they have to use the same font size. The Blank space’s height is defined at double cap height. There must be one space between the text before the Blank space and one space after the Blank space. Generally, all typography in Airbus layouts has to be left aligned, so the Blank space aligns to the left as well when it is part of multiline headlines. Please refer to our basic elements for more information about typography.



Handwritten text may be used, but only in conjunction with people, e.g. the Blank space is filled with a signature, a handwritten name or a person writing the text into a Blank space as part of the concept.


Animated Blank space

The text inside the Blank space may be animated to interchange the active part of the sentence. In this case, the size of the Blank space adapts to the length of its content.


191009 AB EVP BlankSpace Measures
191009 AB EVP BlankSpace GeneralRules

Background gradients

The colour concept refers to the former EVP appearance by showing gradients for backgrounds. To create a strong visual link to the Airbus brand only the main colour palette is used to create gradients as shown below.

191007 AB EVP Gradients

Photographic style – “fascinating work environment”

To exemplify the fascinating context Airbus employees are engaged with everyday, the imagery consists of macro and micro shots:

  • Macro shots: showing our huge products within an impressive surrounding.
  • Micro shots: close-ups focusing on our accuracy and attention to detail.

This can include products in flight, on the ground or people in action, proving our expertise.

You can search for photos in our image libraries Airbus Photolib and Airbus Photo Gallery. The image look and feel must be in line with the Airbus Photo guidelines. Please note that all images used for external communication need to get final approval by brand management before production.


190107 AB EVP PhotographicStyle Moodboard

Exemplary applications







191022 AB EVP Magazine





191015 EVP Roll Ups


191009 AB EVP PosterMockUp 2




191009 AB EVP Branding Workspace








191022 AB EVP BoothInspiration 2


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