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Design assets are built with Sketch software. It contains a complete library of styles such as color, typography, and also a library of components in total harmony with Airbus branding and dedicated to your digital product.

As of now, more than 50 components and 1400 symbols are available based on this look and feel. They offer unlimited possibilities to create the best-in-class digital solutions.

You’ll also find a set of data visualization components that will bring clarity to your graphs, and value to your dashboards.

How to use it?


Get the resources

If you have never done it previously, go to the resources section and request access to the design assets by simply filling out the form.




Accept Sketch Cloud Invitation

We store our design assets on Sketch Cloud, we will give access and you will receive by email a Sketch Cloud invitation you need to accept.



Download the UI kit

On the Sketch Cloud page please download the Ui kit and put it in a safe place.



Explore the UI kit

Open the Ui kit with Sketch in order to explore the way assets are organized and what is available. Content is splitted into different pages, do not hesitate to take time to get familiar with it.



Sync it as a library

Go back to Sketch Cloud and click on the “Add Library to Sketch”.

Back on Sketch, link the library with Sketch Cloud. Once it is done the library will be in the Cloud libraries list.

On your Sketch Cloud account, you will be able to add the library to Sketch. You will now have access to all components through all your Sketch files and the UI kit will be automatically updated.



Start designing

Now everything is set up you can start designing amazing mockups. 

For any new project create a new Sketch file.

In order to stay in sync with the latest Ui kit version, we highly recommend you to use symbols from the cloud symbol library.

If you need an artboard with the right grid, just open the Ui kit and copy paste the needed artboard into your Sketch project file.

Documentation use

Always remember that the Brand Centre serves as the official guidelines for building digital products for Airbus. You should always use it if there is any doubt on a component usage, use of spacing, colours or any other topic.

If you do not find what you need or something is wrong to you, speak up, the System team will always be here to review your contributions or discuss.

Component documentation  

Component documentation

Visual and usage guidelines for all components

Visual guidelines  

Visual guidelines

To stay in line with Airbus brand.



All assets you need for your project


If you already used a previous version of the Airbus Ui kit we recommend you to delete the old Ui kit library. To do so, open your preferences panel, go to the “Libraries” tab, right click on the one you want to delete, click “Remove Library...”


When you open a Sketch file, you may receive notifications on the upper right corner of the app.

If you update the components, all modifications will be applied automatically to all your components across all the pages of your document. ✨

Again, this only works if you used library components, by breaking the symbols you will not be able to update the components.


We are aware that using a Design System can sometimes be challenging.

If you have any doubts about component choice, or if you want a fresh look at your mockups, we encourage you to get in touch. Our team can provide support and share valuable examples of projects which have successfully launched.

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