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Logos are core elements of our branding. It is important to respect their shapes and colors to avoid undermining the branding. Each logotype is unique, and needs to be used according to its identity guidelines.


All app headers are created with the same guidelines: the corporate logo, to which you add the department name in Roboto (Refer to the complete pattern after). 

With this unique arrangement, our goal is to enable users to clearly identify which brand and application they are using within the Airbus app universe.

Tip: We recommend choosing an app name related to the app’s purpose (e.g.: Health Monitoring).


Correct Uses

The application name is always used without its application icon. The application name is used when enough space exists to respect the brand guidelines, but it needs to be the main branding of the application. The application icon is only used to illustrate the application name, for example as a favicon or a smartphone/tablet icon.


Incorrect Uses

Do not change the color(s).

Do not change the design guidelines.

Do not attempt to recreate the Wordmark.

Do not re-arrange the elements of the logo.

Do not outline or redraw anything.

Do not use the app icon with your app logo.

Do not use the logo on backgrounds containing complex photographs or illustrations.

Do not delete the gradient pattern.

Do not attach text or another logo to your Wordmark.


How do I build it?

To ensure that the logos are clearly visible, they need to be surrounded by an unremovable white space. Use the tallest letter in the Wordmark to define the minimum space around the logo. This space should not be too large, so as to avoid having an application header that is too long.


App Icon & Favicon

In order to maintain consistent branding, apps must respect the design guidelines, even the App icons and Favicons.

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