Brand Governance & Processes

Brand Governance & Processes

Here you will find information regarding domains, naming and trademarks.


Names are a very important part of branding and marketing. A name can guide customer orientation and provide consistency across a wider portfolio of products. A name can also give a product a greater meaning and differentiation vs. the competitive set.

Please find the document that will show you different approaches for name developments here (only available for Airbus employees). Furthermore, we would like to show you the most important considerations to follow in developing names.



While a brand is a corporate image that builds over time and is a reputation of quality in the eyes of customers, a trademark is legal protection of the brand, granted by the Trademark and Patent Office.

Whereas a brand helps to identify the company and its products or services, the trademark helps to prevent competitors from stealing the brand image or creating substantially similar identities to create marketplace confusion.

To support you regarding trademark registrations, please send your request to the Brand Management team.



Domain name

In this sector we will provide and advise an administrative management, registration strategy legal counsels, recovery services, etc. of domain names, subdomains or emails.

To know more and to request a domain name, subdomain or email, visit the dedicated section here.

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