Illustration guidelines


Illustrations reach from simple product or item illustration to more complex context illustrations. It is important to keep the style consistent as the result should be a scalable system.

Illustration Overview

Product and technical illustration

Product and technical illustrations should be kept in a simple line style.

Apply two stroke weights as outline, the thicker stroke should be double weight of the thin stroke.

Limit to one fill colour from the Airbus colour palette for accentuation.

Illustration Technical

When illustrations are applied on coloured background make sure to create a good contrast for the outline and accentuation colour.

Illustration Background

For more complex stroke weights may vary to create more levels of differentiation.

Illustration Complex

Context illustration

Stroke weights may vary to create more levels of differentiation.

Apply up to three fill colours from the Airbus palette.

Use continuous lines for the annotations and dotted lines to display technical connections or communication between elements. 

Illustration Context
Illustration Context2
Illustration Runway


Don’t use hand or comic drawings.

Don’t use different illustration styles and mix them.

Don’t use several highlight colours when not necessary on one page.

Don't develop or use any mascots

Illustration Dont
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